aj (stressed_nos) wrote,

fasting like woah

Hey everyone...sorry i'm not very good at keeping up with posting. I'm on day 3 of a fast, i'm going to have to end tomorrow night because the boyfriend is coming to visit and take me out to dinner, but i think i can get him to take me where i want and get a meal (soup and salad) that is only 380cals. that'll be a 90 hour fast broken by only 380 cals, decent enough for me. i thought this was cute a wieght tracker thingy

hope that worked. Anyway, feeling pretty good about my fast, third day is usually hardest for me and although i've gotten a little bit lightheaded i'm feeling alright. I'm supposed to give blood in two hours, which will give me an excuse if my friends ask why i'm lightheaded or weak. I also get to see "Super Size Me" tonight which should be enough inspiration to skip dinner tonight and make it till he gets here tomorrow. I'm 2.5lbs over my low weight (i'd gained 10lbs), so hopefully i'll hit my low weight by saturday and be able to go from there and be like 152 or so when i go home for thanksgiving. I'd feel great to go home in the NORMAL wieght range after being extremely obese (bmi of 35)in jan/feb. So i just have to get under 154...i'm 158 now, i have a week for four lbs, which would be easy if i could fast but i have to eat friday saturday and sunday :-(. at least i can keep friday in extreme moderation, 380 like i said, but saturday and sunday will be hard. saturday lunch i'm planning on 300, dinner will be impossible cuz of the guys i'm going out with, and sunday i plan to have only either a salad or soup. Then i will fast monday tuesday wednesday until thanksgiving dinner, unless i have hours at work wednesday (i'll need my strength, lotsa lifting). Hopefully i'll be down to 156 by the end of this fast, maintain over the weekend, and only need to lose like two or three pounds next week, though i'd like to lose more. i also have my period right now so i guess i could subtract a little if i was feeling nice, but i'm not. Good luck to everyone, especially those away at school that want to see reactions when they go home!
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